Wilskracht uses an app that is linked to the membership administration system. It is important that all members install this app.

Why an app?

As of August 2021, we are using an app. The app is called ClubApp and is used by many sports associations. With this app, members can report absence, look up the (holiday) calendar, look up the contact details of the instructor, change their own details, etc. We can also send push notifications in case of urgent matters such as when a lesson cannot take place, so please leave the notifications on..

How do I get the app?

1. Download the app using one of the links below
2. Register with the email address you used when registering with us*
3. Upload a profile photo and update your details when necessary
4. If you want, you can adjust the privacy settings

*Please use the main address in your profile. Unfortunately, only one e-mail address per member can be used.