Direct debit

De contributie wordt geïnd in november en maart, voor een periode van 20 weken. De aankomende incassodata zijn 28 november 2022 (contributie 1e helft seizoen 2022-2023) en 27 maart 2023 (contributie 2e helft seizoen 2022-2023). Je betaalt voor september – januari en voor februari – juni.

Registration fee

To register with Wilskracht, you have to pay a registration fee in addition to the membership fee. This one-off registration fee is €15 and will be collected at the same time as the first contribution.

Number of classes

It may happen that a class is cancelled due to illness of the teacher, or because the hall is not available. In this case, no membership fee will be refunded. The membership fee is paid for a season, not for a certain number of lessons. Making up lessons is in principle not possible due to full groups and maximum occupancy of our hall.


Jeugdfonds Sport Amsterdam ensures that children who would like to play sports, but whose parents are short of money, can still join a club. They pay membership fees and reimburse sports equipment up to a maximum of 300 euros per year. Kijk hier voor meer informatie.


Our treasurer Leo can be reached at The bank account number of Wilskracht is: NL22ABNA0614136652.

Contributie vanaf 2e helft seizoen 2022 – 2023


Les per week

1/2 seizoen

Yearly fee

Kindergarten gymnastics 45 minuten € 85,- € 170,-
Recreational 60 minuten € 92,50 € 185,-
Recreational 75 minuten € 105,- € 210,-
Recreational 90 minuten € 117,50 € 235,-
Recreational 120 minuten € 142,50 € 285,-
Competitive 180 minuten € 235,- € 470,-
Competitive 210 minuten € 260,- € 520,-
Klimdoek 90 minuten € 142,50 € 285,-