Becoming a member of Wilskracht is done in three steps

  • Je meldt je aan via het formulier op deze pagina. Je ontvangt een bevestigingsmail (check de spamfolder!) Pas wanneer je aan de beurt bent krijg je een uitnodiging voor een proefles.

  • You follow a trial lesson in the chosen group. Trial lessons are held in September and February.

  • You must register before the end of the week of your trial lesson using the registration form. If you do not register (on time) we will invite the next person on the waiting list.

The registration period runs from 1 September to 1 October and from 1 February to 1 March. Registration is not possible outside these periods. But you can apply using the form on this page throughout the entire year, and we will invite you when there's a spot available next registration periode.

Application form

De wachtlijst voor kleuters en meisjes geboren in 2016, 2015 en 2014 is gesloten.
Which class(es) do you prefer? *
Meerdere voorkeuren aangeven kan ervoor zorgen dat je sneller aan de beurt bent.

*For competitive gymnastics you can apply if you previously did 3 or more hours of gymnastics a week. If there is a place available, there will be a trial training first to see if the level is a good match.