Something on your mind?

For children

Are you being bullied in gym class? Do you feel uncomfortable in the group? Or has something unpleasant happened that you would like to talk about? Do you not know who you can tell?

You can always write an e-mail to the board: We will be happy to think along with you and we can talk to the teacher of your group. Would you rather not do that? Then you can contact our confidential advisor: Bernadette. You can mail her if you don't know how to solve your problem.

For parents

If something is wrong, you can always contact the board of Wilskracht. Would you rather talk to an external contact? Then you can contact our confidential advisor, Bernadette.

You can contact Bernadette about confidential matters or questions related to unsafety, bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, etc. that occur at the club. Of course you can also turn directly to the teacher or the board and that is often more obvious, but if that is difficult, you can also consult Bernadette. If it is about the content of gymnastics or organisational matters, then your questions or complaints will belong to the teacher or the board.

Of course, teachers, assistants and board members can also contact the confidential advisor.

Get in touch

Bernadette Hes-Boots
Phone: 0625538458