In short

Getting started - registration and classes

Most of our gymnastics groups have waiting lists. You can use this form to subscribe to the waiting list. You can include any questions in the ‘Opmerkingen’ field. You have to fill out your payment info, but we will not use that until after the trial class. Please remember to let us know which day(s) you prefer, but if you have more flexibility on which day of the week you’d like to have lessons on, you have a better chance of starting sooner! For girls, we have different kinds of classes, competition (Thursdays, or Mondays and Fridays for higher levels) and recreation (Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays). The boys can choose between recreational gymnastics (Wednesdays) or competition (Fridays). The schedule can be found here.

Most kids are invited to join at the start of the new season (August or September), but as spaces open up during the year, we will invite new members to join as well. When there’s a space available for your child, they’ll be invited to a trial lesson. The trial lesson they’ll be invited for, is the group that they’ll become a member of, based on age. If they enjoy the lesson, they can decide to join the Wilskracht club and start lessons immediately. Please let us know via email: info@tvwilskracht.nl.

Our groups are based on year of birth, and children will be moved to the next class during the summer break, not during the school year. 4- to 5-year-old children can participate in one of our ‘Kleutergym’ classes, which are a combination of basic gymnastics and sports activities. Kleutergym classes are held on Saturday morning. Gymnastics classes are available for children from 6+.

Cost of lessons

The price for Kleutergym (age 4-5) is € 157,50 for a year. The price for a regular 60-minute gymnastics class is €170,- for boys and girls. All prices can be found here.


The teacher decides the best level of competition for every child in the Thursday (and higher level) groups. In the weeks before these competitions, you’ll receive a reminder to register for these competitions during the regular lessons.

Participating in the club

Our club is managed by volunteers. We have many opportunities for parents to get involved in the club – helping to organize events, preparing for competitions, etc. Please let us know if you’re willing to lend a helping hand! Our email address is info@tvwilskracht.nl

Contact us

If you still have any questions about Wilskracht or about signing your child up for lessons, don’t hesitate to send us an email: info@tvwilskracht.nl. If you need to contact one of our teachers, please have a look at this page.

Leaving the club

If your child doesn’t want to participate any longer, we have a written notification policy. The gymnastic season is split into 2 20-week periods. Written notification to leave the club can be done by the beginning or the middle of the 20-week periods. Cancelling your membership must be done via e-mail or via the form available on the website. Telling the teacher is not considered as notification.